Tuesday, May 4, 2010

True friends arrive bearing poo

Ok, so I've been in 'blog time out' for a few days, as I had to get some assignments (booorrring) done. Now that they are, here I am.

So I was thinking of writing about friends today. Whilst showering I was going through the list of amazing pals I have and I thought 'I'm going to wite about these weirdos'.

I'm pretty lucky that I have a wicked network of mates. Hockey and Derby play a big part in that but also the fact that I'm awesome and people generally want to be my friend.

I have two best friends. People who know me so well, that they can predict what I'm going to say or that I'm going to hate something even before I know about it. They are both highly intelligent, evolved beings with a marvellous sense of humour. They're also both very hairy, but that's irrelevent. Neither of them live in Adelaide right now, but hopefully that'll change soon. I've considered them both for sperm donation for when I want to have a kid, buuuut, did I mention they're hairy? Kiddin, it's not that bad, it's not like they have hairy shoulders or anything. There are other people who also fit into that 'bff' group, but they already have titles, such as 'gf' or 'sister'.

So, having said that, I feel like a little bit of recognition should be given to the friends who come into your life for a little while, then fade out of it, here are some stories...

I knew a girl in the Army who drove a station wagon. It was kinda old, but still in good nick. One day, she came out to discover somebody had hit it, leaving a sizeable dent. So disappointed was she that she got a silver pen and wrote a note to the perpetrator on and around the dent. I don't know what she thought that would do, like they're driving around one day, see it and say 'ooh look! Isn't that the car we hit that one time? Larry, look - there's some sort of note written on the dent we left... d'you think... could it be for us? Oh woe! I'm so repentent now! If only we had left our details!' The same girl told me of a time she was in primary school and shit her pants, just a few little nuggets. When she arrived home, she shook them out of her undies onto the front poorch and sat beside them. Her little sister arrived soon after and asked what they were. She told her they were little rocks and suggested that she smell them which she did. The sister threw them across the yard and ran inside. That girl became an officer. Don't know what her sister bacame, probably an inmate in a mental asylum.

People you never forget...

I shared a room in East Timor with a girl who thought that tigers were the girls and lions were the boys of the same animal.

People who burn an image of their faces onto your brain...

I used to live with a girl in the Gold coast who bought a mad car - a Ford Falcon XP. It was beautiful, red with a white roof. We used to throw our surfboards in there and head down to Byron for the day and 'surf' (thrash about in whitewater). We'd drive back at sunset (because the headlights didn't work, oddly enough) with our feet out the windows, passing a joint around. I was 18 or 19.

I had another friend who went out one night, got blind rotten drunk, went in the ocean fully clothed, somehow made it home, woke up the net day with a naked irishman beside her, freaked out about it, ran into the loungeroom, cried 'there's a naked man in my bed' to her flatmates, tried to leap onto the couch, was still too drunk to execute such a manouvre, missed and hit her temple on the fish tank and got concussion. Oh, did I say a friend? I meant me.

Well, since my computer crashed and that is the second time I had to write that, I think I'll be off.

Until something or other,


P.S. here is a pic of my cat with a big pneny on her (or a really little cat with a normal penny, you decide).

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