Friday, May 14, 2010

Seven ways to a better bunny rabbit

Friday, my old friend, how I do love thee.
Well, it's been a hell of a week. I have already written of my derby exploits last Saturday, so let us not revisit that. I can now focus on the joyous news that I'll be skating as an Adelady in The Great Southern Slam. Now, I've been on state teams aplenty for inline hockey and also ice, hell, I even played inline for Australia once. The difference here is that there are a lot of girls that play derby. I rarely went to a state tryout for hockey where anyone was cut! Usually the girls that turn up are the team, that's it. So, this carries with it a lot more weight. The girls who I'm skating with are my heroes, I've got big shoes to fill. I love a challenge though.
Next big thing that happened this week was the beyond tragic news of Two Ton Teyla, a Sydney roller girl who was hit by a bus (and subsequently died) after a post bout celebration, the same night we were revelling also. Now, I never met her, but by all accounts she was a brilliant person, everyone who knew her loved her. The reasons this hit home for me are as follows:
- I hate seeing my friends sad, it makes me feel sick when I can't help.
- I hate senseless death.
- The thought of any of my ADRD sisters in the same position... I can't even describe. This community is amazing within your own league, but it doesn't stop there, it reaches far, and my heart broke for SRDL.
- The fact that this could have easily happened to me, or any of my ADRD mates. We too were drunk and careless that night.
Just before, I was on the website of the Great Southern Slam (TGSS) and I saw posts written by Two Ton. It brought a tear to my eye just knowing how much she'll be missed and how many people must be agonising right now.
Death is something I never really knew until 2008, when my Nana and my Dad died in the same year, and it's weird. You never really get over at it, you just get better at dealing with the emotions, I reckon. I still dream my Dad is alive and wake up with sticky eyes and in a grumpy mood, like that time I dreamt I could skateboard really well and woke up realising I was still shit.
This brings me to my next point - 'god'. I'm a little lost without 'him'. I've come to grips with the fact that religion is balls and that jesus is a made up guy (except for that dude Madonna's banging who is pretty real I think), so what do I do in situations like this? Previously I had prayed for someone's recovery, and if that didn't work, I prayed for 'god' to keem them safe in 'heaven' and give their family strength back down here on 'earth' wait, earth is real, I don't need inverted commas... anyway, what the 'hell' do I do now? I mean, I try real hard to think positive about something, or I hope something happens, but I gotta be honest, it feels half-assed. I know this is just the aftermath of my decision to strip off religion and skinny dip in human free-thinking, but I do feel a little adrift... I'm never going to force my kids to believe in something that I have no proof of. Except the boogeyman, a lot can be achieved through fear...
So this morning, we had a meeting with our real estate to put me on the lease and get the ok for the animals. The guy wasn't even there! No matter, the girl was probably easier to deal with. Found out that cockmuncher (pls refer to older posts for information on this delightful 'man') calls them every time our dogs bark! They pay him no heed as they too think that he is a nutter! That was pretty good news, and I can't wait until I see him in the street next time and I can say 'excuse me? cockmuncher? yeah, you needn't bother calling our real estate anymore, they think you're a nut licking, goat fucking cheese dick like I do, m'kay? B'bye.'

'Tis all,


P.S. I do apologise for my gratuitous use of inverted commas, I can get a little wild sometimes.

P.P.S. here is a pic of a cat kicking the shit out of a dog.

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  1. Such a sad loss:-(

    Life and Death it baffles me. I have dabbled my fingers in various spiritual beliefs over the last 15 years trying to make sense of it all through a deity or higher purpose. I am not sure that is the answer, Organised religions/spiritualitys are not my thing. I think I will just take the best that I believe from them all and make my own personal pizza.

    I think you should carry a camera with you at all times until you see cockmuncher, that way you can capture the exact moment his little dramatic world crumbles :-P

    I know, I am evil.

    That picture is awesome, we are getting a puppy next week, I think my Cat will probably beat it up..she is the cheif.

    Awesome congrats on making the state team!

    Have a great weekend