Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just us rubber chickens...

So last night I went to my friend's house. She's a new friend, and very cool. She does derby with me, on my team. She's an artist, a hairdresser and a cat owner. Her house is the most awesome place I have ever been in.
Kat and I had to get our hair dyed cos we have our first bout this Sat and we wanna look cool. Anyway we went there after a practice session we had with the team. She lives on Henley Beach rd. We went to the bottle shop first and got a bottle of vino of course, who can have a hanging out/hair dying sesh without wine?
So, from the outside, her house looks pretty average, but it's so big inside. She opened the front door and the first thing we saw was two very attractive cats sitting there. I say very attractive cos some are kinda ugly or plain. Nobody likes a plain jane. She told us their names: Anton for the big grey one and Lisa Curry-Kenny for the little white one. 'She's so cute!' kat cooed and I agreed, as far as cats go, pretty hot. Then my mate, let's call her Maddy, told us that 'she' is actually a 'he'. They thought she was a girl but then discovered her licking her penis one day. Since they were used to calling her 'she', they just kept it up, and she's still called Lisa.
Knowing Maddy, I was not the least bit surprised at this story.
Anyway, the house. The front door opens up into a very large lounge room, with absolutely no available space becasue there is cool shit as far as the eye can see (to the edges of the room). Like I said, she's a painter, with a particular penchant for painting women with little moustaches. I would guess that there was at least fifty paintings around the room, either on display or stacked up against each other. Some pieces were huge, portraits of women with big heads and little faces, thier tiny smiles drawn up to the side in a quirky pose. There was one of a big babushka doll with a tiny mo, looking what I can only describe as self conscious (about the mo, no doubt). Panning to the left would show an L shaped yellow couch with various cushions stewn around behind a glass top coffee table. On the table were mugs with water and paintbrushes in them, and on the floor next to it a painting (incomplete) of a girl with an owl on her head. The owl looked considerably sleepy or drugged. In front of the coffee table was the tv, which had been painted hastily around the screen with orange paint. Panning to the right of that would reveal home made curtains behind a bicycle, underneath a sort of high ledge with a huge model plane wedged in it as if it was halted in its final death plunge by Maddy's lounge room. On the ledge was taped red tinsel (in May) in cresent shapes, no one the same size as another. At the crest of each scallop the tinsel was held in place with brown tape, that detail was my personal favourite. Keep panning to the right and there is a piano. it looked pretty old and had books on it, indicating that someone can play; I didn't ask. On the piano was a blue head. Made of what: I don't know. I think from memory it had a leather flying helmet on it. The room had a real Tank Girl crossed with Mighty Boosh feel to it, it was wicked. Everywhere I looked, more cool stuff. Maddy is also a photographer. Amongst the pics everywhere was one with a girl dressed kind of like a nun, with black and white stripes painted on her face, holding an owl and an apple. Owls, owls, owls. If you've ever read the Enchanted Wood, that room is what I picture a modern-day Moonface would have as his loungeroom.
I was recently thinking of how much I look at people and wonder what their lives are like, how it would be to get a glimpse of their 'day-to-day'. Last night I got a glimpse into Maddy and I've gotta say that she is one of the most odd and interesting people I know. I decided that if she was an animal, I reckon she'd be a butterfly, just a beautiful creature getting around being pretty and making others smile when she touches them on the hair or knuckle.


  1. The house sounds like a dream!!

    Sorry allow me to introduce my otherblog away from the kindgarage sale!

    I wish I could make it to derby this weekend to see cool hair! I think we may of handed you our ticket on sunday? my midget thought you had the coolest hair:)

    I love owls, now I must have a nun with one, it makes me happy that the cool people live in Adelaide:)

  2. Ah Ok! I shall follow!
    Wow really? How funny to think that we may have crossed paths!
    Oh man, I wish I had taken notes on her house, then I could've written a better post, it was all from memory.
    Cool people do live in Adelaide!