Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ok now I'm just showing off.

I'm writing this blog from my iPhone. Yep, I'm a futuristic robot. My sister calls it 'cosmopolitan' when she does stuff like this or eat sushi or drink coffee whilst walking in the street. I think she means 'metropolitan' but she's so damn cute I never correct her. We killed ourselves laughing when we were in gay Paris n she suggested we go c all the cute lil bouquets and I was like 'do u mean boutiques?'
aaanyway so I'm using my iPhone so if my spelling is out, LAY OFF, the keys are real small and I hate landscape, almost as much as I hate cyclists.
... No, there's no disclaimer of 'just kidding heh heh' I really do hate them, they're in my way and can't go as fast as my car.
So a kinda funny thing happened today on my way 2 work. I was already late cos I spent 2 long on Twitter (robot) and my beautiful gf (who I love madly) was in the car with me. She wanted a 'Synergy' drink (which they don't sell enuf of) so I pulled in2 a servo on port rd, the only place I know who sells it. When we were ready 2 leave, we lined up at the driveway. Some stupid doddery old bitch was in front. It became clear pretty quick that she wanted 2 pull out straight in2 the FAR lane. It was peak hour. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon 2 figure out that's just not gunna happen. Waiting...
Waiting. About ten 2 twelve cars lined up behind her now. I gave a polite toot toot. This started the barrage. Other ppl tooted too, then ppl started shouting. I started laughing and tooted more. The lady second in line leant out her window and shouted something. More tooting. I put my thumb on the horn and left it there. My gf was horrified n started trying to stop me. I had to use both hands. She was trying frantically to rip them off and juggle her drink and yell at me all at once. I was laughing and tooting. Ppl started shouting more. Words like 'stupid', 'bitch' and 'moron' were flying around, and not just from my mouth. The lady second in line got out of her car and went up 2 the alleged moron, shouting and gesturing wildly with her hands... The woman still sat there.
Eventually, she crawled off and we had seriously spent about 5 mins in that servo. That's way 2 long if ur not even buying fuel. Consequently, I was 5 mins late 2 work.
The moral of this story? There isn't one really. Just don't piss ppl off when it's peak hour n ur a doddery old bitch who can't drive.
That is all, work 2 do.

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