Monday, April 26, 2010

Food, hair and poo...

K, I'm over the cockmuncher incident.
I figure there's nothing we can do right now til our next door neighbour gets in contact with the owner. In the meantime I plan to make as much noise and make his life as miserable as I can. petty? Yes. Enjoyable? Even more so. Deserved? You tell me, I reckon so, if nothin else just because he wears a sweater around his shoulders.
That aside, I want to write a lil bit about food/eating/losing weight. Reading my mate Caddy's blog (in my list, the hungry hungry...) really got me thinking. She talks about emotional attachment to food. I'd never thought about this before and after reading her post I realised that I totally do that! Food was a habit for me, especially when studying. Red Bull, lollies, Red Bull, chips, more Red Bull. If I was studying, I had to have something to nibble on. Last year, I didn't play ice hockey during the season, and I got a bit fat. I reckon I almost tipped the scales at 80kg. I'm only 169cm tall, so that's not good although my boobs did get massive, which pleased Kat to no end.
Anyway, all my shirts got tight and you could see a lil donut around where my belly button is. Over my New Year's holiday in Noosa, I got fed up. I decided to eat all I wanted and that I would lose it when I got home. Blah blah heard it all before but this time: I did it. I got home and hit the google machine. Read something called 'fat burning furnace' which made me consider calories, read a book my Mum lent me about the blood group diet and also gave up wheat. So, to break it down, I started to eat way less calories, which basically meant to stop consuming so much yummy yummy sugar. I also cut out wheat, which isn't really that good for us anyway. I started to follow the diet for b+ type too, it's my blood type and also my motto. ha ha. Oh yeah, one more thing: portion size, I was eating way too much, I started to find that I could be satisfied on a little plate of salad, a boiled egg and some salmon, I didn't need a whole dinner plate of chicken satay and rice.
Why am I telling you all this? Cos it friggin worked. I have lost almost ten kilos. So many chicks everywhere wanna lose a bit and I mean it, this works, even if you don't follow the blood group diet, that's just something I did. So, I'm passing it on. In point form:
- Portion size
- Calorie control
- wheat free
- lots of water.
Serious, you wanna drop a bit, cut out the wheat, but you have to look at labels, cos it's everywhere. The good thing? You can still eat fresh fruit and veggies, CHOCOLATE (just a little bit each day if you're a wild choc freak, and dark is better), certain alcohol, seafood and meat, all the good stuff. BUT.......... the clincher is, you have to be strong, no cheating! Just commit to it for two weeks and see how you feel! I felt so much more energetic and also happy with myself to boot. Caddy's diet is really really hard. She's so strong to have stuck to it, and she looks a million bucks and can skate really fast and for a long time. She's rock solid proof that if you're strong, you can do it. I'm less solid proof cos I haven't lost as much and I did spend the last 2 weeks being naughty but I'm back on track now. Anyway, the point: I can fit into jeans that I couldn't at the start of the year and I can buy size 12 jeans now instead of 14.
Interesting point: my boobs never got smaller. I just had to buy new bras and now I'm a dd. Weird. Kat is still happy. I am less happy cos they bounce when I run. At least I don't have a penis flopping wildly . Happy with the boobs.

Half-time break with a pic of me dressed as magenta.

Now, hair. I bought a new shampoo today, as I'm sick of spending almost $30 on my dread stuff. I'll report back how it turns out. It's a dandruff shampoo cos I reckon that's more drying, less fancy moisturising stuff (and maybe, just maaaybe I have a teeny bit of dandruff but don't spread my secret shame). ALso on hair: yesterday I called out to kat while I was in the shower standing in two inches of water:
'I reckon we need drano. Look at the water, it's not going down.'
'Hm.' (looks at hair in the mirror)
'Actually...can you hand me your tweezers?'
'Here. Don't drop them down the drain.'
After she left, I went to town on the drain. Turns out all her hair was caught up in there and I pulled out the biggest hair monster I have ever, ever seen. I'm pretty sure it bit me. The water drained immediately and we saved ourselves some money and possibly the environment some heartache. Win-win.
Poo. Today we picked up all the barker's eggs in the backyard. I had no idea there was so much! We used a garbage bag and it was so heavy a hole formed! Note to self: do it weekly.
Well, that's it. I hope my advice today helps at least one person, then I've done my bit, whatever that means. Not necessarily the weight advice, even if someone avoids buying drano because of my hair monster, I'm happy.

Now, here is a pic of me at my fattest, note the donut and fat ass. Mad cans though.
Til nextie,


  1. I'm very proud of you for sticking to your diet. It helps having someone in the same boat as me who has to say "no thank you" when goodies are passed around lol. Some things get easier over time, for example I no longer drink alcohol and don't really want it (except for what could only be considered a "sip" of that Shiraz or whatever it was at your place on the weekend). Also, it gets easier to say "no" to things when offered and if you're lucky, people start listening to what you're "not allowed to eat" and don't even bother to offer it. Hooray for size 12's! :)

    You can buy little drain cover thingies that catch all the hair and force you to remove it after ever shower (instead of letting it grow into a Wookie). You guys should invest in one of those!

  2. By the way, you guys look disgustingly accurate as Rocky Horror Picture Show-ers LOL!